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Round Top Window Replacement & Installation

Round top windows are the perfect way to transform your home’s aesthetic for a truly sophisticated curb appeal. Best known for their unique design and timeless beauty, round top windows harken back to Roman architecture for an impressive and dazzling aesthetic. Custom vinyl round top windows make a bold, strong statement to any room. Zen Windows can custom-size them to fit any opening, and arched windows come in a variety of configurations and styles.

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Types of Arch Windows

Round top or “arched” windows are easily identified by their curved appearance. The top of the window gently slopes while the bottom half is the standard rectangular shape. There are a few different configurations consumers can choose from when deciding to install a round top window:

  • Fixed Arch Windows: Typically used to accent the square windows beneath them, these windows are unable to be opened and serve to allow more light in while offering a pleasing exterior appearance.
  • Single Hung Arch Windows: With one operating sash, these round top windows can open at the top or bottom, much like an awning or hopper window.
  • Double Hung Arch Windows: With two operating sashes, these windows can open from the top or bottom for increased ventilation.
  • Round Top Casement Windows: Arch casement windows have a sash on the side so they can be pushed open like other casement windows.
  • Multi-Window Arch: This look is achieved by placing a series of gently sloping arched windows together to create a round top appearance.

Most arch windows appear higher up on the wall of the home, allowing additional light to spill in at the apex where the wall meets the ceiling. For this reason, most homeowners opt for a fixed window for easier maintenance.

Pros and Cons of Round Top Windows

Round top windows are ideal for adding elegance and charm to your home without breaking your budget. In fact, arch windows have the most varied price range since they have so many different configurations and options available. Depending on what you choose, you can get an arch window installed in your home at a very affordable price.

While fixed arch windows require very little maintenance due to their inability to open, other round top window types can be quite daunting to clean. Since they’re higher up on the wall, they can be tricky to maintain. Fixed windows may be the better option in terms of maintenance; however, since they cannot open, there is no added ventilation benefit to installation. If better ventilation is what you seek, a single hung, double hung, casement, or multi-window configuration may be the better choice for your home.

Zen Windows Round Top Installation & Replacement

When you need a round top window installed or replaced, the professionals at Zen Windows have the skills and expertise you need for the job. We offer all of our customers a no-money-down guarantee, providing them with a double warranty from the manufacturer and Zen Windows. Don’t speak to a salesperson — when you call Zen Windows, you only speak to the dealer directly for a more enjoyable and streamlined consumer experience.

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